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We have been making hydraulic mechanical components since 1985, we are particularly specialised in the construction and design of connector blocks and plates. IDROVER is situated in the Colognola ai Colli industrial quarter, in the province of Verona. We can manufacture even medium to large blocks (up to 1500 Kg), in small to medium quantities, following either the client‘s design or using custom prepared designs made according to your layouts and requirements, if required we can also supply plans made on an three-dimentional CAD/CAM technology.

With our staff‘s flexibility and competence, our warehouse stocked with a wide range of sizes of partially finished components in C40 cast iron and aluminium (available with the relative certification if necessary) and with our highly specialised equipment together with our proven experience in this field, we feel confident that we can meet any delivery and quality requirement for modern applications.

We will be pleased to answer any of your queries or to send you a quote.